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By Ananya Sharma

 “Alexa, can you…?” Let’s Alexa Smart Home India

Alexa Smart Home India | Amazon’s Echo/Echo Dot is one of the hottest Smart Speakers in the market today. Indeed, most of the urban families now have an “Alexa” in their kitchen.

Alexa has been a hit. In our house, I use it to turn smart routines on, to quick change the mood of the house and our kids use it for fun, including getting the weather forecast and asking for songs. Switch Plus users are using Alexa for all sorts of clever uses, including some examples where Alexa has been instrumental in taking stress out from daily chores.

“Technology Delivering on Some of its Promises, Particularly Smart Home. There is a limit to Alexa but not to Switch Plus !”

Alexa and Switch Plus smart home devices integrated capabilities to control your home and your appliances is as easy as it can get. Alexa and other smart speakers are going to be the norm, a big driving force behind the smart home revolution. However, Alexa alone cannot control your home. You need smart devices like Switch Plus Smart WiFi Plug or a Smart WiFi Switch or a Smart WiFi Bulb to that work with Alexa to complete the smart living experience. We have the best Alexa Smart Home India products. 

A Smart Living Approach

A critical element of our smart devices is to create flexibility and to make them easy to use in an integrated way. Refer our guide on how to pair your Alexa with a smart plus in less than 30 seconds. We have found that smart homes can be overwhelming and so we spent time in understand what’s most useful and helpful. Our simple to use daily products philosophy takes the lead on this effort.

Its time to embrace Alexa and other smart speakers, voice control smart home automation is here to stay and why not when it brings so many benefits to families while eliminating boundaries for technology and homes.  Fortunately, Switch Plus smart home devices can help us strike the proper balance. We are currently running great deals on our products. One of the best smart home deals for 2019 is on our Smart WiFi Plug.

Smart Plug 5 Pack for 949/- each

Switch Plus Smart WiFi Plug is an easy and inexpensive way to control the lamps and small appliances in your smart home and they are so cheap that even a dozens Smart Plugs won’t break your bank.

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    Hi, Really I love your products..I constructed my house without any smart ideas…can I make add products to my existing house

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