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By Ananya Sharma

DIY Smart Home India!! Designing your own smart home is exciting and also ensures that it suits your needs. You can design the home to have all the features you need for everyday convenience and energy savings. However, DIY also means a lot of work. Don’t worry, We have done the heavy work, so you don’t have to. Here’s a quick take on what you will get from Switch Plus smart home:

No Smart Hub Required

Our products are very compact and work very well in any situation. The first step in DIY home automation is to install a smart lighting. Keeping an eye on your home with a security system doesn’t need to involve professional installation or monthly fees. Smart Home Automation India has come up with the best DIY KIT (do it yourself) .It is hassle free and very easy to install. Looking to create a new smart home experience? Here’s a guide for finding the best, DIY options for your smart home.

“You will also love the fact that none of our products require you to have a smart home hub or anything like that. They just work with your smartphone right out of the box.!”

Speakers with Virtual Assistants

All our products are compatible with both Google and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants. The two very best Smart Home speakers in the world today. Our works with guide includes installation and usage instructions, setup and management of schedules, manual operation and backup creation, and more. If you are looking for a more help or modification, you may visit Smart Home Knowledgebase.

Easy on Your Pocket

Our Smart Home products fits right into your budget, and works wonderfully! With Switch Plus, turning your home into a smart home is a lot easier than you think. Instead of running ethernet cables all over your home and studying up on different protocols to make sure your devices will work with each other, you can simply purchase our products, install our free app and be done. Switch Plus is the best way to DIY Smart Home India, save money, reduce housework, and live in a more sustainable home.