Smart Home App

Brilliantly simple and amazingly easy smart home app to use. One click to install and register. Designed to perform complex actions in just 3 clicks. It’s that easy to  use. Download on Apple or Google to try.

Helps you monitor your energy consumption and save costs.

Get complete control of your home security. Feel safe, stay safe !

Get access on the go. Check, control, schedule, save.

Share access with entire family. Create groups, create guest access.

An array of functionalities

Schedule on the fly

Schedule scenes to run automatically to change your mood or whenever you want to match your mood. 

Voice control

Let your digital assistants take care of your home. Works with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

Custom dashboard

One easy to use home screen with all your favorite devices and scenes. It is so much fun!

Instant alerts

Get instant alerts and notifications. Know whats happening at your home to ensure safety. 

Remote access

Remotely control home appliances from anywhere. Add and control multiple devices at once with one App.

Easy setup

Easy mode and AP mode set up for all smart devices. Pair them in just 2 minutes. 

Andriod & iOS
Boost your Freedom

Switch Plus mobile app and internet is enough to access, monitor and control and all your electrical appliances from anywhere in the world. Stuck in traffic? Working long hours? Going on vacation? Unplanned activity outside home? None of these are a problem any more !