Terms and Conditions

In the below write-up, “we” or “us” refers to Switch Plus Inc. and “you” refers to the consumer or the site visitor. 



As a user, upon your visit to Switch Plus Inc., you are bound by the terms of registering as a member at Switch Plus Inc., browsing or using any part of our website and placing an online order with us.


The Terms and Conditions are liable to be changed without any prior notice and it is the responsibility of the user to stay updated with changes if any.  



Attempts to activities like hacking, password or use of any illegitimate means to explore any unauthorized area of the website should not be made.

No attempts should be made to breach the security or other authentication measures on the website. Similarly, no attempts should be made to exploit the underlying infrastructure and information available on the website.

Any derogatory or defamatory statements regarding content on our website should not be made. You shall also agree not to put a large load (DDoS attacks) on the website or perform any similar activity that shall hamper the normal functionality of the website.

You shall not use any malicious software or devices to interfere or interrupt the normal functioning of the website. You shall not even use any content that is prohibited by the Terms of Use and should keep yourself away from doing any illegal activities on the website. You should not tamper with any personal information or data on the website.



All the orders placed through the Online Shopping portal at Switch Plus Inc. would be processed, subject to the availability of the products. In case of non-availability of a desired product, we will allow the customer to choose between getting a full refund or placing a new order for a similar product.

On placing an online order with us, you will receive the receipt of order via an acknowledgement e-mail. It is to inform you that the contract between us for your purchase of goods and services will be initiated only after we receive your payment. Although we try to provide the best estimate, the tentative shipping or installation times may vary depending on product availability, pending orders, transit times, and other external factors.

Though we always try to provide a flawless customer experience, Switch Plus Inc. cannot be held responsible for orders that do not get placed or get declined because of infrastructure issues (poor Internet connectivity, server downtime, external IP attacks, etc.).

Also note that the discount codes/promotional offers for online shopping maybe only for a limited period, and if found to be misused or otherwise, we hold the right to cease the offer, at our own will.



Misuse of products installed from Switch Plus Inc. or any other kind of suspicious activities to tamper with the products might lead to termination of future service and support.

In case of self-installations, it would be the sole responsibility of the user to have thorough knowledge regarding installation of all the electrical appliances offered by us. Damage of products reasoning to lack of your knowledge will not be taken care of by us.


Switch Plus Inc. is not responsible for any kind of already-existing wiring issues or voltage fluctuation issues at your end. Such situations leading to damage of products would not be insured under warranty and customer has to bear the cost of it. In case of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes etc.) or any unexpected man-made events (theft, fire, mishandling of devices, etc.), Switch Plus Inc. doesn’t hold the responsibility for the caused damage, and the customer/insurance company (if applicable) would be held liable for the incurred damages.

Moreover, we don’t hold any liability for the system/products in case they are misused. The intended use of the products is purely personal and the company cannot be held responsible for its disproportionate, illegal or harmful usage.

Product specifications at Switch Plus Inc. are subject to change without any prior notice and hence users are requested to carefully go through the details before ordering/purchasing.



At any time, Switch Plus Inc. holds the right to change the pricing of its products without any kind of prior notice. We at our end would try to ensure that all the details related to the pricing are accurate but in case of errors, the final rights of product pricing will be held by us.

In case of cancellations of the order before they have been shipped, Switch Plus Inc. will issue a full-refund. However, if the cancellation comes from your end after the shipping has been initiated, the necessary shipping cost may be deducted.

Once you initiate a refund, it is likely to take 7-10 working days before it gets reflected in your account. In case you return the demo kit within the free-trial period, the refund for the minimum deposit amount would be initiated only after we receive the demo kit undamaged and in proper working condition.

However, please note that if you order a product with us and due to some issues we are unable to meet the requirement due to shortage or unavailability of the product, we will allow the customer to choose between getting a full refund or placing a new order for a similar product.



We at Switch Plus Inc. try to offer the best in class support to our existing and loyal customers.

However, customers will be entitled for our privileged lifetime support, only if they use purchase products from Switch Plus Inc. The life-time support for the home automation system may get void in case the user installs any non-standard product and does manual integration without adequate knowledge.

Users would be entitled for one year complete technical support at the place of site (if needed) as well as support through telephonic and email conversations. In case there’s no annual-maintenance contract (AMC), on-site technical support may be chargeable as per the necessity or requirement. However, resolutions through channels like telephone, email, social media interactions, etc. would still remain non-chargeable.


In case you fail to abide to any of the clauses mentioned in the above Terms and Conditions, Switch Plus Inc. holds the sole right to withhold/cancel your contract or terminate any ongoing services. By transacting on our platform through online/offline channels, you automatically accept all the above stated Terms and Conditions. Negligence in reading the aforementioned terms cannot be used for supporting any claims, unsolicited requests or legal disputes.   

Any person who is accessing or has accessed any information or data from this Website acknowledges and agrees that all proprietary rights, statutory or otherwise, and the information received by such person shall remain the exclusive property of Switch Plus Inc. Unless otherwise provided or agreed by Switch Plus Inc. in writing any reproduction, distribution or transmission or modification, for consideration or otherwise, of any such information contained in this Website is strictly prohibited and would constitute a breach of the laws of India.



We at Switch Plus Inc. ensure highest standards to keep customer data secured and safe. In case you find any threat to your account or any suspicious activity that involves any threat to your personal information of debit/credit card details or net-banking details, we request you to immediately notify us regarding the same. Under any circumstances Switch Plus Inc. doesn’t ask its customers to disclose

  1. Your ATM PIN or online password
  2. The CVV number of your credit card or the OTP for net-banking

Neither do we share your details without your prior consent.

In case anyone pretends you to be calling from Switch Plus Inc. and randomly asks over the conversation for any sort of payment, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. You can contact us at one@switch-plus.com.

Date: 25-11-2017